Day Care

Welcome to JUST DOGS, the place to play!

Our Day Care was created to provide your dog with exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation in a safe, fun, and caring environment. We customize your dog’s activities so they get the most out of their day. Some dogs love to play fetch, others prefer to sniff in the yard, most like to wrestle, romp, and play chase with their dog friends, and some just need extra attention from us.

At JUST DOGS, your dog gets plenty of exercise, lots of socialization with other dogs, and time to burn off extra energy. So when your dog returns home, you can relax knowing your dog had a busy day too. We believe a tired dog is a happy dog!

Outside, your dog gets to play in our large playground with a yard to run, jump and sniff. For your dog’s safety, the yards are fenced and all play sessions are supervised. We play outside, regardless of the weather, and we make sure your dog is clean and dry when they go home. Inside, your dog gets to relax in our dog lounge with play toys and dog friendly furniture to rest on. Private spaces are available for buddy play or afternoon naps. For our requirements for your dog, see more about us.

DOGGIE DAY CARE   DOG DAY CAREAt JUST DOGS, we know each dog has its own personality and needs, so play groups are formed by temperament and play patterns. All dogs get specialized attention from us throughout the day. For the regulars, a run in the big yard is a daily adventure. Whether it is to play ball, chase dog friends, or sniff new smells, it’s the place to be! To see more about our play days and special events at Just Dogs, go to just for fun.

If your dog needs work on obedience skills we also offer day training while your dog is with us.